COVID-19 Protocols2020-07-09T17:28:41+10:00

Due to COVID-19 we will continue to monitor our processes to ensure we comply with best practice requirements where possible.  Please speak directly with us if you have any questions or concerns. When you make a booking along with your confirmation, we will email relevant information.

How the Game Works2020-07-09T17:27:36+10:00

Players enter our bush field with their team where they can discuss tactics and share intel gathered throughout the game. Our Hobart field has a couple of different battlefields for players to explore with trails that lead around the gully allowing gamers to flank opposing troops. The terrain has plenty of natural bush cover to hide behind in addition to cool forts and log barriers which make for excellent cover.

Our popular mission includes “Elimination”, which allows all players unlimited respawns (New life’s) throughout the whole game. We then move on to more advanced missions that require teams to capture more strategic objectives, like domination where players must dominate a centre base.

Which Session should I choose, Open or Private?2020-07-09T17:26:55+10:00

For kids birthday parties we recommend you book into one of our Open Sessions. Open Sessions are scheduled and require booking. Our Open sessions are age appropriate, usually for children’s birthday parties ranging between 7- 16 years. Mums and Dads and older siblings are welcome to join in (Adults play at kid’s prices).

Private sessions are generally more suitable for Adult groups that want increased flexibility with booking times. There is a minimum cost of 10 players required to book a private session at our Kingston field. They are ideal for Team Building events, Adult Milestone Birthdays, Christmas break up parties and Bucks days.

Catering at the conclusion of session2016-04-22T11:13:56+10:00

If you are celebrating a Birthday Party with us and staying on, please allow an additional 30 minutes at the conclusion of the session. We do not stop for food breaks during a session, rather leave until the end.

We do not have BBQ or other catering facilities. However, you are welcome to bring a gas BBQ.

Pizza Catering. We have an arrangement with our local Dominos to supply pizza for the conclusion of your session. Please arrange this through us when you make your booking.


What facilities do you have?2017-05-23T18:10:44+10:00

We have change rooms for you to get changed into.

We have a small kiosk which sells an assortment of drinks and chocolates.

New toilet facilities behind our car park, which includes a disabled toilet.

Outdoor Picnic tables for parties to celebrate with a cake or bite to eat after your battle.

Sorry we Don’t have an undercover area, primarily as we are an outdoor venue.


Do you have paintball Skirmish?2020-07-09T17:25:18+10:00

No. We have been specialising in outdoor Laser skirmish across the state since 2003. We prefer the flexibility that Tas Laser Skirmish provides when running games and the ability to operate where we like. It is also far more economical for our customers, great for kids and adults, and best of all there are no bruises.

The sport is called “Laser Skirmish”, are there any actual lasers?2014-09-20T23:20:43+10:00

There are no lasers used in our units. In fact they use infrared, similar to your TV remote control.

How accurate do you need to be?2014-09-20T23:20:23+10:00

Unlike TV and the movies, you need to aim to make hits!

Can I shoot through trees?2014-09-20T23:19:57+10:00

Anything that blocks your line of sight will block the infrared beam as it’s a light based system, therefore you cannot shoot through trees. Leaves provide partial cover. The harder it is to see through the leaves, the more cover they provide. For players, often trees with thick trunks make the best cover.

What happens when I am eliminated?2014-09-20T23:19:40+10:00

Generally we have a Medic point where you get new health. We play lots of different games and always aim to ensure you play most of the game.

Must I wear your uniforms to play?2014-09-20T23:19:04+10:00

No, you can wear your own clothing. However you must wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt. It’s a good idea not to wear anything too bright. You must wear OUR hats however. The hats we hand out are a mix of caps and bucket hats which determine what team you are on and which team you must shoot. The reason for our uniform being green is to ensure you blend into the bush environment. We wouldn’t want to make it too easy now would we?

What should I bring on game day?2014-09-20T23:17:25+10:00

You will need to wear enclosed sturdy shoes, long sleeve trousers and shirts. Depending on your session and which options you take, army clothing may be included.

What if I don’t have a group of players?2020-07-09T17:25:46+10:00

You’re welcome to book into one of our open sessions where there are no minimum numbers required. Open sessions are scheduled and suit kids, teens, and families. We only cater for adults in our Private group sessions which require 10 players.

Do you play in bad weather?2017-05-23T18:10:44+10:00

Light to medium and patchy rain is acceptable, and will not disrupt your event. Heavy rain, heavy winds or a lightning storm may mean that we need to re-schedule your event to another date. If you are unsure of the weather on the day of your booking, and you haven’t heard from us, then your game play will more than likely be going ahead. If in doubt, please call us!