Outdoor Laser Tag in Hobart

Tas Laser Skirmish is Tasmania’s premier outdoor Laser Tag games venue. Players are provided with camouflage clothing and have a choice of Laser Tag phasors. We have smaller taggers like our Scorpion which is popular for kids right through to our larger choices. Our gaming taggers or phasors are designed to work outdoors or indoors. Our playing fields are huge. We play in natural bush terrain with log barriers, forts and pill box’s which provide cover for players to hide behind.

Difference between indoor laser tag, outdoor laser skirmish and paintball

Outdoor laser skirmish or more commonly known as laser tag can best be described as a cross between paintball and your traditional indoor laser tag facility, sometimes referred to as dark zone, mega zone or zone 3. Paintball uses what’s known as a paintball marker to shoot a paintball which is fired with compressed air. More often than not this can cause pain and or bruisers to players, so strict safety guidelines need to adhere too. As paintball markers are considered firearms, the venue is required to be registered as a firing zone to shoot live paintballs. Indoor laser tag uses similar electronic technology to outdoors, except indoor laser tag equipment does not work in outdoor sunlight, hence the setup indoors within a dark maze. Outdoor Laser Skirmish or Laser Tag is far more flexible when it comes to playing locations. Tas Laser Skirmish phasors or taggers emit a safe Infrared beam that is detected by an outdoor sensor worn by players on the head, which is attached by a headband and chord from the player’s laser tagger.  Also, as our equipment can work outdoors, we can play laser tag just about anywhere. However, we need to ensure we have plenty of safe cover for players to hide behind.

About US

We cater for all occasions, whether it’s a children’s Birthday or teenager birthday party, bucks day or  corporate team building events.  Our main bush field is located at Kingston a short drive from Hobart CBD. However, we also have a playing venue at Forth just outside of Devonport, which is ideal for weekday School Groups.

So, If you are looking to reward your staff with a fun team building activity or have the best birthday party then Tas Laser Skirmish could be the adventure experience you’re looking for.