What is our mobile laser tag field?

We operate our mobile Laser Tag as ‘Laser Tag Tasmania’, with Tasmania’s only Smart Bunkers™ which can be setup indoors or outdoors.

Our unique Smart Bunkers™ Safe Play Cover means players receive an immersive gaming experience, whilst secured safely to the ground. Being an air bunker, bunkers are safe from collisions and offer the only safe cover option. The open layout design allows for easy supervision of players, whilst making for a great spectator sport and attracting many people watching on as entertainment.

Laser Tag Tasmania uses Cobra Phasors, which are durable and light. They are installed with Australia’s best Patented Digital Technology, providing us the ability to customise the game theme to meet our audience. With specialized game modes, scoring, radio feedback our Cobra Phasor exceeds player expectation.

Location and setup requirements

If playing outdoors the best surface for playing on is grass, ideally with an area of about 40 x 50 meters (we can easily reduce this, if space is limited). Our bunkers are secured to the ground with 180 mm flat top plastic pegs via a bungee cord which acts as a shock absorber.

Indoors setups are great where you have a large gym or hall. Indoors can also be a useful backup option in case of poor weather. Our Smart Bunkers™ Safe Play Cover is really the only safe viable option for indoor cover. We do not recommend using makeshift cover like tables & chairs as they pose player risk as well as damage to floor surfaces.

  • School fairs

  • Youth Events
  • Church groups
  • School Events
  • Sports presentation days
  • Company family days

  • Promotional events

Why choose Laser Tag Tasmania?

  • Our unique Smart Bunkers™ Safe Play Cover

  • Australia’s best Patented Digital Technology

  • Specialised game modes & radio feedback

  • Video Briefing for high volume events 

  • Highly skilled & experienced operators 

  • 20 million Public Liability cover

  • Working with vulnerable people cards

  • Risk Assessment is our priority
  • Proven track record 

  • 5 Star customer testimonials 

Cannot recommend Jonathon and his team enough. 

I organised our soccer end of seasons presentation. Pumping through a good 200 children in 2 hours was an incredible job done by these guys, leaving a lot of sweaty but very happy little faces at the end.

Sarah H, Facebook Review

Do you setup for Kids Birthday Parties?

Although we do setup for many different events. We generally recommend considering our Kingston field for kid’s birthday parties. Our Kingston field specialises in running birthday parties at our purpose-built bush field where you get the full experience of playing in larger games and our full range of laser tag phasors. Please see our Kids birthday parties page for more info.

How to get a Quote?

To find out more about Laser Tag Tasmania Mobile Hire please either call us on 03 6263 6784 to discuss or click on the ENQUIRE NOW and let us know some details about your event. 

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