Love Your Sister Fundraiser with Australian Actor Samuel Johnson

Samuel Johnson’s “Love Your Sister” campaign went off with a bang on Monday night at Tas Laser Skirmish’s Kingston field.

It was a great turnout with everyone fully enjoying the night’s festivities. The session kicked off with participants being kitted up in army fatigues, followed by a mission briefing. Questions from Samuel Johnson regarding equipment choice and tactics were very intense. Once Samuel Johnson sets out on a challenge, he truly gives it 110%.

After the briefing participants headed out onto the battlefield where they immersed themselves into battle, having to achieve various mission objectives. Samuel and all the participants were obviously enjoying the skirmish with plenty of banter and fun had by all.

Australian Actor Samuel Johnson’s sister Connie is battling Breast Cancer, so he set out on riding around Australia on a unicycle. Samuel’s tour of Australia finished on 13th February at Federation square in Melbourne. He broke the world record ridding 15,955 kilometres travelled on a uni cycle. Along the way he has raised nearly 1.5 Million dollars and hopes to have raised 2 million after a documentary on the tour airs on channel TEN in March.

Managing Director and event organiser Jonathon Simonetis presented $1200.00 to Samuel Johnson for his “Love Your Sister” campaign.

Samuel then spoke to the group about his sister’s story and his determination to help find a cure. He urged the group to be breast aware and for Women to check themselves regularly. His sister’s message is to try and save as many people from this horrendous disease as possible.

Jonathon Simonetis said, “It was an absolute privilege to meet Samuel and hear his sister Connie’s story. It was evident to everyone who attended what a truly inspiring person Samuel Johnson is.  What you see is what you get. There was no bull, just a very passionate brother trying to deliver a message for his sister.”


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