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Kids Birthday Parties – Kingston Venue

Tas Laser Skirmish specialises in running awesome kids birthday parties at our Kingston battlefield just a short drive from Hobart. We frequently hear kids saying, “The Best Birthday Party Ever”, whilst Mum tells us it’s an easy party to organise.

If your children are looking for an authentic army Laser Tag party playing in the great outdoors look no further. This is a modern-day live-action role-playing game that does not require nagging the kids to get off their Xbox or PlayStation.

Players are kitted up with an army shirt in order to be camouflaged and ready for battle. They will then receive direct Intel from our commanding officer, explaining our instructional & safety briefing. Players then have an opportunity to select their gaming tagger from our armoury. Our most popular tagger for Children’s Birthday parties is our SMG Scorpion, which has great range and is easy to aim with a red dot scope.

Party Picnic tables & Pizza Catering

NOTE: We are currently not offering Pizza Packs at this time. You are welcome to self-cater, however.

At the conclusion of games, we have several large outdoor picnic tables nestled into the bush. You are able to self-cater with whatever army rations you can gather up or we can provide you with one of our Pizza Packs. Please Note:  if staying on the Party Host will be responsible to ensure that your group remains at your selected table and follows appropriate social distancing rules.

We have a selection of cold drinks available on site and we order in delicious hot Extra Large pizzas for hungry troops.  Download Pizza Menu

Pack Pizza & Drinks Included Feeds Troops XL Pizza’s
3 – Pack 3 XL Pizza’s & 9 Cans 6-9 People $64.50
4 – Pack 4 XL Pizza’s & 12 Cans 8-12 People $86.00
5 – Pack 5 XL Pizza’s & 15 Cans 10-15 People $107.50
6 – Pack 6 XL Pizza’s & 18 Cans 12-18 People $129.00
7 – Pack 7 XL Pizza’s & 21 Cans 14-21 People $150.50
8 – Pack 8  XL Pizza’s & 24 Cans 16-24 People $172.00
9 – Pack 9  XL Pizza’s & 27 Cans 18-27 People $193.50
10 – Pack 10 XL Pizza’s & 30 Cans 20-30 People $215.00

When do you run Open sessions?

Open Sessions are scheduled to meet the vast majority of our customers. Unfortunately, we cannot meet individual time requirements in this format (Private sessions are flexible). Open sessions run most Saturdays and some Sundays pending the time of year.

As a general guide:
Saturday’s 2:00 pm April – September
Saturday’s 10:00 am October – March
*Currently not running Sunday Open sessions. We will reassess later in the year.

What Happens On Game Day?

  • Once your group has arrived, please complete/collect signed indemnity forms which are available at our venue on the day. Also available along with party invitations at the downloads area on our site.
  • Participants will then be kitted up with an army shirt and hat to wear. Player must wear long trousers or hire trousers from us.
  • Teams are sorted on the day to ensure for fair and balanced game play. We usually split groups into two teams, however everyone plays in the same game. This gives you a chance to shoot a few people you know as well as play with people you know. Where possible we will try to keep smaller groups less than 5 players together if we can.
  • We will then brief the entire group about rules and explain how the equipment works. We will hand out equipment, then its game on!

How to Book?

  • Please select the appropriate Session below to Enquire on availability. We will manually review your request and reply via email.

  • Once your booking is confirmed please use our Party Invite Template as to ensure your guests are aware of details and COVID-19 requirements.

Open Session Prices for Parties

1.5 Hr Open - 3 Battles

$26 per player*Scheduled times
  • Ideal for
    7-9 years ONLY
    Parents welcome
    Kids Parties

  • Session Includes
    Army shirt & hat hire
    Scorpion laser tag gun
    3 Battles
    30 Min kit up & briefing

  • Bonus for Birthday Parties
    Min 5+ Players
    Dog tag & neck chain for Birthday person
    Downloadable party invites
    Allow extra 1/2 hr if using party area

2 Hr Open - 4 Epic Battles

$28 per player*Scheduled times
  • Ideal for
    7 – 16 years
    Parents & siblings welcome
    Kids & teen parties
    Sports teams
    Casual play & family’s
  • Session Includes
    Army shirt & hat hire
    Choice of laser skirmish guns
    4 Epic battles
    Playing on two battlefields
    30 Min kit up & briefing

  • Bonus for Birthday Parties
    Min 5+ Players
    Dog tag & neck chain for Birthday person
    Downloadable party invites
    Allow extra 1/2 hr if using party area