Education Testimonials

Educational Outcomes

Tas Laser Skirmish is an inclusive activity that engages both male and female students equally. We provide a supportive environment where students actively participate in games that are goal and team orientated. Our games require teamwork, where students learn to work effectively as a team, promoting cooperation, communication and leadership skills. When students engage in Tas Laser Skirmish in just a few hours we see the confidence in themselves grow. We see strong engagement with their peers and teaching staff that also participate in the activity.

Our games demonstrate that effectively creating a plan and having the whole team execute the plan greatly improves the chances for the team to succeed in winning the game objective. This results in students who may not normally put their hand up taking on a leadership role to devise and communicate a plan. This involves problem-solving, decision making and delegating, all being very valuable life skills. Our games are such that we don’t focus on individual performance, rather on team performance, as it is a team activity.

Laser Skirmish engages students that may not normally be engaged within the classroom. It’s also well documented that many children now spend a lot of time gaming, and often these children do not engage with other traditional sporting activities. However, Laser Skirmish can really appeal to these children and running around playing Laser Skirmish has so many more health benefits for fitness and general mental health than excess screen time. Having Laser Skirmish as a reward for good behaviour can be a great incentive for students.

Educational Benefits

  • Leadership and communication
  • Strategy, planning and tactics
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Team work and executing a team plan
  • Sportsmanship, fitness and endurance

Safety Protocols

Unlike Paintball, our laser tag devices do not shoot projectiles. They emit a harmless infra-red beam similar to a TV remote control.

We comply with all the necessary OHS standards and insurance obligations. We have a 10-million-dollar Public Liability policy.  We are able to provide you with our own internal risk assessment for our activity to assist you with your own risk assessment preparation.