Casual Play – Open Session – No Minimum Players Required

You do not have to have a group to join in on the action. We run regular weekend open sessions where you can join in with just one or two players. Our Open sessions are suited to kids, teens, and families. Note: for adults we only cater with private sessions which do require a group.

Our open session battles can range from 10 players to 70 players. Don’t be intimidated though, the bigger the battle the better!

Laser Tag is fantastic entertainment for everyone. Bring along Mum or dad to battle it out with you, but be careful, we have seen some Mums and Dads take it very seriously! So what are you waiting for? Book into one of our open sessions today and let the games begin!

School Holiday Activities Hobart Tasmania

During School Holidays your welcome to join in on one of our Open sessions when running.  Any additional sessions we advertise on our Facebook page.

If you’re looking for accommodation our Hobart Venue is situated within the Lea Scout Centre and Hobart Bush cabins complex. So, plenty of onsite accommodation available if you are looking for a place to stay during the School holidays. You can also find a list of other Southern Hobart Activities and Attractions on our webpage Things to do Hobart.