Team Building Events for Everyone

Tas Laser Skirmish is a fun, energetic and safe outdoor role-playing game that is suitable for everyone in your team. There are no projectiles, rather infrared beams which ensures everyone will enjoy the day which is a necessity when you are trying promote team work and bonding amongst team members. Tas Laser Skirmish is great for strengthening team mate relationships.

Over the years we have hosted many successful team building events at our Kingston venue a short drive from Hobart. We are mobile and have hosted events all over Tasmania. In the north of Tasmania, we have a playing field located at Forth. On the East Coast of Tasmania, we have hosted work events at Gumleaves . We have even played sessions on Bruny Island and Satellite Island.

If your work party event is for 10 players or 80 we can cater for everyone on the field at the one time, no one is left behind!

Why choose us for your next Team Building event?

  • Team bonding

    Bringing employees together from different backgrounds and ages and improving team morale.  By uniting them with a common objective in a fun environment makes for some interesting stories amongst team members for months after the event.

  • Strategic Planning

    Our games demonstrate that effectively creating a plan and having the whole team execute the plan greatly improves the chances for the team to succeed in winning the game objective.

  • Leadership and communication

    Great teams require leadership to ensure the team is focused on the team plan. To be successful, a leader needs to organise and inspire team members. When planning a strategy, the leader should involve teammates and delegate roles within the game. Ultimately though he or she must be decisive and communicate the team plan. We often see people take on a leadership role that may not normally be the person you would assume in the daily workplace.

  • Relationship building among team members

    Having staff participate with other members in a team that may not normally work directly with one another. Giving them the chance to work together in an unusual environment giving them some common ground and focus. This helps to bridge the gap between departments or different divisions.

  • Stress relief and exercise

    An opportunity to get away from the everyday work environment with an activity that inspires laughter and team work through fun laser skirmish games. Being outdoors and stalking around in the bush is a great opportunity for some fresh air and physical exercise.

  • Reward your workplace for achieving a milestone

    Everyone likes to feel acknowledged and appreciated. Providing a fun team activity like Laser tag provides an opportunity to acknowledge staff efforts.

Team Building Games

All our games are team focused with no individual scoring. Some of the missions we play are;


Teams must compete for our log fort located in the centre of our playing field. Once a team is in control of the fort, they accumulate time for holding the position. The other team must then try to capture the fort to accumulate their own holding time. The team with the most time dominates the base.


A simple game where their objective is to revive less than the opposing team. Everyone gets to play the whole game.

Barrons & Villages

A very popular games where players must occupy up to three forts which requires plenty of teamwork and planning.

Session Format

Our recommendation is to allow for at least 2.5 hours for your session if attending at our Kingston field. The first 30 minutes of all team building sessions is registration, kit up and briefing. Provided in our price is all your equipment. We include trousers, shirts and hat hire with our private group sessions. The price we quote includes everything, all your ammo as well. So, there are no unexpected charges at the end of your session.

What our clients say

Our social club troops don their military fatigues and march in to the forest floor at Forth.
From the first blow of the whistle till the tense final minutes defending the fort, all involved had a blast. The activities catered to a diverse age group, and allowed all to have fun at their own pace.
The team attack and defense scenarios helped build a strong sense of camaraderie and healthy competition amongst the groups, and I would strongly recommend to anyone interested in organizing a social team activity for work or play.
Dr Tiago Tomaz, Sun Pharma
Many thanks for organizing Tas Laser Skirmish for our Adviser Conference in St Helens.
The organisation of the event was excellent, the location well-chosen and the afternoon planned extremely well. As you are aware, we had a range of ages and levels of fitness and the activities were appropriately structured to enable everyone to enjoy the event.

We received tremendous feedback from all participants who rated it as the best activity we have held.

Nick Bedding, Shadforths Limited
Tas Laser Skirmish is an excellent way to foster teamwork amongst a group of students. Communication plays a large role as teams must develop a strategic approach to each situation. The most powerful weapon you have is your mind as you try to out-think the opposing team.
Ben Oliver , Department of Education
On our recent VIP team building event, Jonathon from Tas Laser Skirmish has proved to be highly professional in his approach to organise and execute a Laser Tag session. He is a pleasure to deal with and we can highly recommend his services to other event organisers
The Premier Travel Tasmania Team