As winter sport commences from April  through to September we run our open sessions on Saturdays commencing at 2:00pm. Open sessions are ideal for kids parties or families.  We take a break from Sunday open sessions until late August, when we again offer some scheduled Sunday sessions commencing at 11:00 am. We find using these times participation is much higher ensuring for some epic battles. We are often asked about the weather over the winter months. As a player running around and carrying your laser tagger and wearing your army shirt and hat it can still get very hot on the coldest of days. As for rain, rarely we need to cancel and in fact, we can even play in the rain. However, we don’t make anyone play if they’re not comfortable with the conditions. It’s rare that a day will be so bad that we need to postpone or cancel. If you’re wanting to have a birthday party please visit our Kids Parties page for all the Intel!